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Rob Gillett

TL;DR: Pose, Marina, Getting Curious, Instagram Likes, Schitt’s Creek, I’m doing a podcast

Hello friend,

How has your week been?

I’m writing this at 7am on Friday morning before I tackle the mountain of work that awaits me today.

This week I have five more things for your to read, watch or listen to and news about my new podcast Show This Thread.

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Watch Pose. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading!

Rob x

  1. Pose: Ryan Murphy’s drama based around the late 80s underground ballroom scene in New York City is the best thing I have seen on TV this year. If you only watch one thing this weekend, make it this.

  2. Marina: Formerly of …and the Diamonds fame, rebranded and returned with new music earlier this year. Her latest offering ‘Orange Trees’ feels like the starting point for your Summer 2019 playlist.

  3. Getting Curious: Jonathan Van Ness (the one with the lovely long hair) from Queer Eye also has a podcast. He’s a brilliant interviewer, gets some great guests and covers a broad spectrum of topics. The Jameela Jamil one is a good starting point from recent episodes.

  4. Instagram Likes: Joel Golby’s article about ‘The 19 Types of Instagram Likes’ and what they mean is funny and thought-provoking and guaranteed to leave you a paranoid mess as your finger hovers over that heart icon this weekend.

  5. Schitt’s Creek: If you are going to go to a party it is best to turn up late. I’m just starting season two of this Canadian comedy which yesterday had its sixth and final season confirmed. The first episode is a lot of setup but get beyond that and you’ll soon take the Roses and residents of Schitt’s Creek to the warmth of your bosom like members of your own family.

Any other business?

Yes, actually. Remember I told you I am doing a podcast?

Well, I am and it is called Show This Thread - follow the Twitter please - @showthreadpod

Read on to find out more about it…

What is Show This Thread?

Show This Thread is a new podcast going beyond the character limit with some of the best people on Twitter. Each episode features a different guest in conversation with me, Rob Gillett; revealing the stories behind their Twitter success and what they love and loathe about the platform.

Why do a podcast about Twitter?

Twitter is my favourite social platform and full of really interesting, creative, passionate and funny people. I thought it would be nice to have a chat with some of them in real life and share that experience with the rest of the world.

Why on earth is it called Show This Thread?


Who will feature on the show?

This list is subject to change but so far I have recorded or have confirmed recordings booked with the following wonderful people:

  • Josh Spector (@jspector) A digital consultant who runs social media for the Oscars and a hugely successful email newsletter called For The Interested

  • Adam Koszary (@AdamKoszary) Transformed the Twitter account for The Museum of English Rural Life into a viral sensation with the help of an ‘absolute unit’

  • Nick Walker (@nickw84) The man behind the hilarious and hugely popular @daytimesnaps account

  • Alice Beverton-Palmer (@alice) Senior Manager for Entertainment Partnerships at Twitter UK, DJ at London club night Push The Button and fellow future podcaster

  • Simon James Green (@simonjamesgreen) YA author and screenwriter behind Noah Can’t Even and Noah Could Never

  • Justin Myers (@theguyliner) Justin is a writer, GQ columnist and author of The Last Romeo, a sort of modern gay version of Bridget Jones

When is Show This Thread being released?

I am planning to launch the first series of Show This Thread in April 2019, with new episodes released weekly. I’ll update this post with an exact date once the trailer episode has been released and the podcast is up on all the major platforms.

Can I come on the show?

I’m pretty much fully booked for the first series but if everything goes to plan will soon be on the lookout for more guests. If you think your name would fit nicely among those listed above you can email

Wow! You read all the way to the bottom? Thank you very much.