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Rob Gillett

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The Edit is back with five things every week that you should read, watch or listen to.

I’m simplifying the format of the recommendations so that you can just get on with enjoying them and adding a new ‘Any Other Business’ section for other stuff I feel I need to share with you.

As always if you have any feedback or read/watch/listen tips of your own, please do get in touch. I love hearing from you on Twitter @robgillett or

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  1. Baptiste: This spin-off of hit drama The Missing is worth a look. A little contrived at times but well worth suffering to enjoy Julien Baptiste hard at work.

  2. Alphabeat: After a six year hiatus the Danish pop group return with exactly the sort of music the world needs. New single Shadows is out now, a new album is due in October.

  3. Like Minded Friends: Comedians Tom Allen and Suzi Ruffel have started a new run of their podcast which focuses loosely on a single topic each week but is mainly just a couple of good mates having a nice chat. The episode titles alone are enough to raise a titter.

  4. Isn’t It Romantic: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine star in this new Netflix film which pulls apart romcom cliches. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon on the sofa snuggling with your partner, cat or a bottle of pinot. The above GIF is taken from my favourite moment.

  5. Lost Connections: Johann Hari’s book which tries to dispel some of the myths around depression and dig out the true causes is a total eye opener and much more fun and entertaining than you might expect.

Any Other Business?

Just a few things this week:

  • I have moved the email list to Substack. It’s new, free, seems cool and allows me to do fancy things like embed songs from Spotify (hopefully that has worked for you with the Alphabeat song above?).

  • I keep getting told consistency is the main way to build up an audience for The Edit so I’m going to try and keep up my end of the bargain in that respect. If you would like to help, there is nothing more encouraging than new subscribers so please tell anyone and everyone who you think might like this email to sign up at or I believe there is a big blue button below that lets you share this on Twitter.

  • Last thing is that I am finally in production on a new podcast and will be revealing all very soon. It’s an interview series about the brilliant people of Twitter. Get in touch if you want to know more as it will give my friends and family a break from me talking at them about it.