The Great Hack

Blown Away, Us on DVD, 90s Summer Playlist, Jon Ronson

Rob Gillett


How are you doing? I melted last week in the heat and could not revive my sweaty fingers in time to send out The Edit. I know I shouldn’t say it but I’m really glad it has cooled down for now.

A warm welcome to any new subscribers, I know a lot of you were enticed by the Chernobyl competition which has now closed. Congratulations to the winners - Mark Tuckfield and John Eccleston - your Blu-rays are on the way! I’ll have a new competition for you very soon.

I’ve just seen these wonderful pink seesaws reaching across the US-Mexico border on Twitter - what a joyful thing worthy of sharing.

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Enjoy the rest of your week. I might drop in on Friday as well.

Thanks for reading!

Rob x

The Great Hack

I’m still reeling from watching this new documentary about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. It plays out as more of a horror movie. If you have a Facebook or any social media account and care about democracy at all, you really need to watch this. I’ve spent a lot of time since with my finger hovering over the ‘delete my account’ button but realise it might be too late.

Blown Away

This new reality show on Netflix is Bake Off but for the art of glass blowing. It’s a lot better than it sounds and I challenge you not to laugh every single time they mention “personal glory holes”. Also, look out for Deborah - a glass blower from New York City with 30 years experience who really likes to tell it like it is.


Director Joran Peels’s follow up to Get Out is out this week on DVD & Blu-ray. It tells the story of the Wilson family who, while staying at their vacation home, are confronted by evil twin versions of themselves. Us strikes a careful balance between being something truly original while retaining many of the hallmarks of a great horror movie. There’s an excellent twist as well so don’t Google it before watching!

Hot 90s Summer

I put this playlist together last week when it felt like the heatwave would never end. It’s a selection of summer hits from the 90s which for me evoke childhood memories of endless scorching school holidays. I appreciate it might not be the ideal soundtrack to a rainy Tuesday but I can assure you it will sound glorious when the sunshine returns.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

I’m currently researching the way in which reactions to things play out on social media and tore through this in two days. Looking specifically at the way public shaming occurs on Twitter, Ronson questions whether what may have at first seemed like a democratisation of justice is actually a dangerous form of social control. Along the way he meets people who’s lives have been ruined by a single tweet and suggests the nature of a ‘trial by Twitter’ mentality has more in common with 18th Century public shaming than any form of progress.