The Other Two

Naaz, On The Latch, Alex In Wonderland, Lizzo

Rob Gillett


Here are five things I think are worth watching, reading or listening to this week…

>> The Other Two (E4): New US sitcom centred around the older and less successful siblings of a Justin Bieber-a-like teen idol. Provides belly laughs while gently harpooning the pop PR machine.

>> Naaz - TAPED (Single): 21-year-old Dutch singer Naaz delivers one of my favourite records of the year so far with TAPED. I know this sounds stupid and a bit bloody obvious but I just love the sound of it.

>> On The Latch (Podcast): A group of gay men from London get together every week and discuss their lives and the latest LGBT stories. It’s a simple concept, done well with a genuine warmth. Congratulations to the team on their 40th episode! 

>> Alex In Wonderland by Simon James Green (Book): Simon’s third YA novel is the ultimate summer holiday read. Feeling downtrodden at the start of a summer where it feels like everything he knows is changing, Alex takes a job at the local amusement arcade which opens up a world of new friends, adventure and maybe even love.

>> Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Album): I’ve had this on repeat since watching Lizzo’s incredible Glastonbury set from the comfort of my sofa last weekend. Make sure you stream the deluxe version or you’ll miss out on the excellent Water Me.

That’s it. Say hi on Twitter if you like - @robgillett and @theeditmail. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rob x